• Founders

    Emojination is the brainchild of a power team of women.

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    Jeanne Brooks

    Ecosystem Architect

    Jeanne Brooks is an ecosystem architect that built the community around Emojination, by bringing people together through Emojicon, a celebration of all things emoji which features the emoji spelling bee, emoji karaoke and an emoji studio. Her favorite emoji is 🔮.

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    Jennifer 8. Lee

    Airtable Master

    When Jenny learned there was no dumpling emoji from Yiying Lu, she felt like the system was broken. She joined the Unicode consortium and is now a vice-chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. She believes in giving voice to the people on issues of emoji.

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    Yiying Lu


    Yiying Lu Artist of Twitter 🐳 & 🥟🥡🥢🥠 emoji. Bilingual Speaker. Former Creative Director 500 Startups. Fast Company Most Creative People 2018. Dumpling Connoisseur.